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Do you have an Employee Handbook? Or, is your Employee Handbook current and up to date?
Do you have someone on staff who regularly examines new Federal and State government regulations to ensure you are in compliance?
Do you have work rules and a disciplinary procedure outlined in your Employee Handbook?
Do you have a solid termination review policy in place to protect yourself against wrongful termination suits?
Have you conducted Harassment training? Do you have a harassment policy in place and do you know what to do if harassment occurs?
Do you have an employee interview and selection process which keeps you safe from discrimination suits?
Do you know what questions are legal to ask during a job interview?
Do you conduct effective reviews with your employees at least annually?
Have you reviewed your employee files in the last year?
Can you effectively defend your organization at an Unemployment Hearing?

Are you putting yourself at risk?
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Print out the Compliance Checklist Test and see where you stand on the Federal and State compliance issues.
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